Bas-Ki Dushwaar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona Ghazal by Mirza Ghalib

Bas-Ki Dushwaar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona

Immerse yourself in the world of Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal, “Bas-Ki Dushwaar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona.” Delve into the depths of human emotions and philosophical musings as Ghalib contemplates the challenges of existence, the allure of desires, and the enigma of life’s intricacies.

Explanation :

1/2 – Mirza Ghalib expresses that it’s a challenging aspiration for every task to be effortless. Even human beings do not always succeed in truly becoming humane. Despite being made of flesh, blood, and bones, they often lack the spirit, emotion, and empathy that define humanity. It’s the demanding tasks and situations that distinguish the genuine from the ordinary.

3/4 – My tears long for the deterioration of my dwelling. The water seeping through the walls and doors is gradually transforming my once-beloved home into a desolate wilderness. This dripping liquid is slowly surrendering my home to a state of abandonment. The metaphor implies that, just as the leaking water is causing my home to crumble, my constant preoccupation with my circumstances is leading to its decay.

5/6 – Mirza Ghalib describes their passionate obsession with her love, which always leaves them surprised and disappointed upon visiting her. They are astonished because they know in advance that catching a glimpse of her is unlikely, yet they find themselves repeatedly at her doorstep, each time filled with anticipation and bewilderment.

7/8 – Her radiance and beauty are of such magnitude that they demand attention. Even the scratches on the mirror aspire to become her eyelashes. The mirror is already fulfilling its purpose by reflecting her image. In her presence, even the aged mirror comes to life, and its imperfections are enhanced by her radiance.

9/10 – Do not inquire about the festivities that occur in the slaughterhouses of those with passionate desires. The raising of the sword is akin to the sighting of the Eid’s moon. When hopeless lovers are brought forth to be sacrificed, and the sword is raised to end their suffering, they see the blade as the long-awaited Eid’s moon, a signal that marks the beginning of celebrations.

11/12 – I will have turned to dust long ago, carrying with me the scars of my desire for happiness. May you continue to exist and become a garden filled with a myriad of colors. His death will provide the fertile ground for his beloved to flourish in a multitude of hues. Despite his unrequited love, he wishes for her fame and glory to spread further, finding solace in this outcome.

13/14 – The poet implies that the joy and celebration of winning his beloved’s heart lie in the wounds of desire he inflicts upon himself. Just as liver becomes more flavorful when seasoned with salt, the lover’s heart finds joy in the infliction of the wound of desire.

15/16 – After my murder, she repented of her cruelty. Oh, how quickly the easily embarrassed one becomes ashamed! The beloved, who was so indifferent and apathetic towards him, finally recognized her mistake after his death. Ironically, she used to be easily embarrassed (as the rumor goes), but it took his murder to truly soften her heart.

17/18 – Mirza Ghalib mourns the fate of that tiny piece of fabric, which is destined to become the lover’s collar. This collar will forever be soaked in the lover’s tears, and one day, it will be torn off to reveal the wounded heart within.

बस-कि दुश्वार है हर काम का आसाँ होना हिन्दी में

बस-कि दुश्वार है हर काम का आसाँ होना
आदमी को भी मयस्सर नहीं इंसाँ होना

गिर्या चाहे है ख़राबी मिरे काशाने की
दर ओ दीवार से टपके है बयाबाँ होना

वा-ए-दीवानगी-ए-शौक़ कि हर दम मुझ को
आप जाना उधर और आप ही हैराँ होना

जल्वा अज़-बस-कि तक़ाज़ा-ए-निगह करता है
जौहर-ए-आइना भी चाहे है मिज़्गाँ होना

इशरत-ए-क़त्ल-गह-ए-अहल-ए-तमन्ना मत पूछ
ईद-ए-नज़्ज़ारा है शमशीर का उर्यां होना

ले गए ख़ाक में हम दाग़-ए-तमन्ना-ए-नशात
तू हो और आप ब-सद-रंग-ए-गुलिस्ताँ होना

इशरत-ए-पारा-ए-दिल ज़ख़्म-ए-तमन्ना खाना
लज़्ज़त-ए-रीश-ए-जिगर ग़र्क़-ए-नमक-दाँ होना

की मिरे क़त्ल के बा’द उस ने जफ़ा से तौबा
हाए उस ज़ूद-पशीमाँ का पशेमाँ होना

हैफ़ उस चार गिरह कपड़े की क़िस्मत ‘ग़ालिब’
जिस की क़िस्मत में हो आशिक़ का गरेबाँ होना

Bas-Ki Dushwaar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona In English

Bas-Ki Dushwaar Hai Har Kaam Ka Aasaan Hona
Aadmi Ko Bhi Mayassar Nahin Insaan Hona

Giryaa Chaahe Hai KHaraabi Mere Kashaane Ki
Dar O Diwaar Se Tapke Hai Bayaabaan Hona

Wa-E-Diwaangi-E-Shauq Ki Har Dam Mujh Ko
Aap Jaana Udhar Aur Aap Hi Hairaan Hona

Jalwa Az-Bas-Ki Taqaza-E-Nigaah Karta Hai
Jauhar-E-Aaina Bhi Chahe Hai Mizhgaan Hona

Ishrat-E-Qatl-Gah-E-Ahl-E-Tamanna Mat Puchh
Id-E-Nazzara Hai Shamshir Ka Uryaan Hona

Le Gae KHaak Mein Hum Daagh-E-Tamanna-E-Nashat
Tu Ho Aur Aap Ba-Sad-Rang-E-Gulistaan Hona

Ishrat-E-Para-E-Dil ZaKHm-E-Tamanna Khana
Lazzat-E-Rish-E-Jigar Gharq-E-Namak-Daan Hona

Ki Mere Qatl Ke Baad Us Ne Jafaa Se Tauba
Haaye Us Zood-Pashimaan Ka Pashemaan Hona

Haif Us Chaar Girah KapDe Ki Qismat ‘Ghaalib’
Jis Ki Qismat Mein Ho Aashiq Ka Gareban Hona
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